Friday, May 4, 2012

Managing Multiple .bib Files

I am using latex for multiple papers and to merge the contents into a thesis. I have multiple .bib files, say one for each paper. Unluckily, this does not look like a good situation to be in. There should better be only one .bib file that I should use for all the papers, since then I do not need to worry about duplicates; for example, correction of an entry need not be redone if the entry is duplicated in other bib files.

To extract the subset of the consolidated bib file that a particular paper uses, it is possible to use JabRef.  

Here it is also worth to point out that a situation when a cited reference is missing from the bibliography can be detected using the following (assume "make" calls the latex command, namely: latex doc; bibtex doc; latex doc; latex doc):

make | grep -i "warning--" | less

This at best is a hack, but I could not find a better way till now. In particular, there seems to be no easy way to make missing bibentry as an error.  

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