Thursday, June 5, 2008

Installing Subversion (svn) on Linux without Root Privileges

I know this should have been easy, but subversion (svn) has a lot of dependencies which must be there as well. There is no pre-built binary package for linux that you can install without root privileges.

I went to a number of searches on this topic, but finally the following worked for me:
1. download the latest subversion source from

2. also download the deps (dependencies) source
3. untar both these using tar -zvxf in the same directory
4. run ./configure --with-ssl --enable-shared
The last option is needed, otherwise your build will fail (for more details see
5. make

and now the subversion binary is ready. You can run it from bin directory. Set your PATH environment variable accordingly in .bashrc.


Philipp Keller said...

Thanks a lot. I just needed this today. Good timing of your post!

scheffield said...

, very nice hint the thing with the parameter

Kipton said...

This worked for me. I didn't see a bin/ directory but I did find the svn executables in the subversion/svn/ directory.

Jabapyth said...

thanks, this was very helpful