Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Installing Graphite-Sim

I wanted to use a multi-core simulator for scalability testing of our parallelization. Graphite-sim seems to provide the functionality of simulation. However, there were a series of problems during the installation of Graphite-sim:

When I downloaded and tried to install the 32-bit version on my Ubuntu linux host, the compilation failed. It seems that contrary to the documentation, only the 64-bit version currently works, as can be seen on the forums. I tried to fix the compilation for a few times, but soon it became clear that the code was not fixable by me.

Next, I tried to work out if a 64-bit Debian guest VM can be installed so that the guest can contain Graphite-sim. Indeed this is the way that the Graphite-sim documentation seems to be tested. As per
http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1165598 I ran the command provided to ascertain whether my hardware can support a 64-bit vm. I installed virtualbox-ose package from synaptic.
I downloaded Debian-64 from http://www.debian.org/releases/lenny/debian-installer/ . Initially I tried installing ia64 businesscard version, but the VM would not recognize it as a boot iso. Later Ifound out on one of the forums that amd64 businesscard version should be used.

Next, I installed the debian on the virtualbox, but while doing so, I had to enable "Intel Virtualization Technology" in the BIOS settings to overcome an error "VT-x is enabled but is not operational". Besides, amd64 was not installing on the VMWare virtual machine but could install on Virtualbox.

To summarize, the following steps should work using a Ubuntu Linux host:

  • Install Virtualbox OSE (Open Source Edition). 
  • Enable "Intel Virtualization Technology" in the BIOS settings of the host machine.
  • Download the amd64 (64-bit) businesscard iso.
  • Install the iso as a guest on Virtualbox.
  • Follow up with the instructions at https://github.com/mit-carbon/Graphite/wiki/Getting-Started
and the following would not work (YMMV):
  • Installing on a 32-bit machine
  • Installing ia64 guest on VMware/Virtualbox OSE.
  • Installing amd64 on VMWare player. 
I can see that many of the exact specifications of my configuration are incompletely specified, such as the host hardware, VMWare player version, Virtualbox version, etc. Unluckily I do not have the time to find out and list these here right now.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Latex Issues

I faced an issue while using dvips + ps2pdf to generate pdf from latex. Seems to be this bug (prob in dvips):

As a getaround, I switched to using dvipdfm.