Thursday, October 28, 2010

Connecting to Thecus N4100+ NAS Server

The Thecus Server is used as a backup storage. Our task was simple: to copy over some files from our PC to the backup storage on Thecus. However the Thecus User Manual did not help us: we followed the steps according to the manual to open the auto-discovery dialog on the PC, but the server machine could not be detected on the network (in retrospect this seems to be because the server was in a different network).

Finally what worked:
  • We connected the server via a ethernet cable directly with the PC.
  • We set the ip of the PC to, so that it is in the same network as the Thecus server.
  • At this point we could access the login dialog by opening on a browser on the PC. We reset the Admin password by pressing "Reset" button for 10 secs just after powering Off and then On the server.
  • Entered "admin" as username and password to login. But this won't work for multiple attempts. We pressed Ctrl+F5 on the browser on the PC to stop using the cached data on the browser. Only after this the login worked.